Technical Introduction ——

●Ceramic substrate integrated packaging technology(LTCC)

A polycrystalline array integrated packaging mode with a low temperature co fired silver block thermal conductive ceramic substrate reduces the package volume, chip (light, thin), improves heat conduction, and has longer service life.
The company supports the core technologies of new product development: new material formulations, advanced process technology and high thermal conductivity materials and coating technology.
LTCC high power substrate design technology: including the development of thermal design and thermal material collocation key material using LTCC and manufacturing technology, to help customers design and development of 3W~300W high power components, in order to adapt to the market demand for lighting, materials and other design techniques and the development of thermoelectric separation, the establishment of new technology and design specifications.

● Uniform plate superconducting technology(Vapor Chamber)

The heat transfer plate is mainly produced by the use of two phase flow, energy conservation law and vacuum theory in the vacuum chamber. The main principle by capillarity and siphon principle structure to achieve the best heat transfer function, which is the advanced version of the traditional heat pipe, heat pipe is a traditional point-to-point transmission, hot plate is face to face and no direction of conduction, application, heat from the external temperature via heat transfer into the cavity, adhesion and the capillary siphon phenomena by using water, at the same time in the vacuum chamber to achieve the conservation of energy, and the use of the two-phase flow theory, the phenomenon successfully spread to the radiating surface, the heat conduction open more quickly. As a whole, the advantages of this technology include low module thermal resistance, easy control of surface temperature, and providing measurement surface temperature test point. It has the characteristics of low cost packaging structure, easy installation and good heat dissipation.传导管的进阶版本,传统热管是点对点的传导,均热板则是面对面的传导,应用且无方向性,热源由外部高温区经由热传进入腔体,运用水的附着力与毛细、虹吸等物理现象,同时以真空腔体来实现能量不灭定律,并运用二相流理论现象成功扩散转移到散热面,将热能更快速传导开来。整体而言此技术优点包括模块热阻低、容易控制表面温度、可提供量测表面温度测试点,具有低成本包装结构、安装简易、散热效果佳等特点。

● Natural convection cooling technology

Because the hot air flows upward, the convection hole is processed to increase the air flow property, the heat on the radiator can be accelerated to disperse, the heat dissipation resistance is reduced, and the service life of the LED street lamp is guaranteed.

● High efficiency power supply technology

Driving power (conversion efficiency above 90%), long-life multi-channel constant current output control scheme (each channel is separate from each other do not bother) characteristics of high energy saving, long life full of LED itself, in the integrated chip chip division series, using a multi-channel high voltage and low current constant current input thus, to reduce the large current in the power circuit heat caused by power consumption, but also to avoid the current distribution due to the deviation of Vf chip parallel uneven.采用多路高电压、小电流恒流输入,从而减少大电流在电源电路中发热引起的功耗,也避免了因芯片的Vf值偏差并联后导致的电流分配不均。

● Energy saving intelligent control technology

Energy saving controller: combined with the performance of the power supply group, through the design of energy saving control technology company, the LED chip power supply group, time control, in the flow of scarce time can turn off one part of the chip, so as to realize energy saving and increase the life of LED chip.

Intelligent control system with the power supply: packet concept, wireless receiver in the street, through the wireless communication computer intelligent remote control system with information on each region (each lamp) for remote control, any of a group of chip can switch any lamps or a single lamp, can also be specified on system switch chip time, realize intelligent control of energy-saving lamps.