Job ——
  • Regional sales representative
Recruitment details : Job requirements: 1) College degree or above, more than three years of experience in engineering channel development and sales; 2) More than two years of experience in sales of municipal engineering channels or landscape lighting, road lighting and other products, good performance is preferred; 3) Possess certain Street lamp industry, designers, commercial buildings, high-end real estate, brand chain unit resources, strong channel development capabilities, business negotiation skills. 4) Good conduct, positive attitude, serious and responsible work, good communication and coordination skills, and good teamwork spirit. Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the project channel development and team building of lighting products such as municipal engineering, hotels, commercial office buildings, brand chain stores, etc., to achieve sales and gross profit targets. 2. Establish a good corporate and product image to enhance the company's brand awareness and competitiveness in the engineering market. 3. Responsible for the development of engineering projects and new dealers. The specific work includes visiting high-end engineering customers, hotel management groups, chain brand companies, engineering contractors, dealers, engineering agents, etc., and maintaining customer relationships. 4. Make project report and be responsible for review, evaluation and guidance. 5. Participate in the formulation of solutions, tenders and quotations and the production of PPT files for brand promotion. 6. Assist in the formulation of product development plans and organize the implementation with the R&D and product departments. 7. Summarize the market dynamics (including competitor information), regularly and timely summarize and report the work status to the sales manager in writing. 8. Effectively communicate with various departments within the company to obtain sales support.